What is Voigon?

Voigon is an organization that creates physical products for everyday use.

What products do you have?

We are currently developing a domestic robot that aims to bring an alternative to conventional pets.

How can I contact you?

You can write us at support@voigon.com.

How can I get involved?

For starters, you can subscribe to our newsletter. You can also follow us on social media.

Will Chibi be affordable?

The final price will be all the components combined plus a bit more. But we can guarantee it will not be an unreasonably high amount.

How does Chibi operate?

It has multiple servo motors and a single microcontroller.

Is there going to be an 'early buy discount' for Chibi?

Yes. If you have a pre-order we will make a discount when Chibi is officially released.

How can I order?

Pre-order is available in the store. The official release is going to be in a few months.

How can I request a refund?

Sign into your PayPal account and find the transaction with which you have purchased Chibi. Request a refund and we will transfer your money back as soon as possible.

Can I return the product if Chibi does not match my expectations?

Yes, absolutely. We believe in constant development so if we have failed to amaze you please send it back to us with a full description of what you felt it was missing.

Is Chibi made using faux fur?

Yes, it is. Chibi is perfect for those unfortunate enough to be allergic to animal fur and also for every animal lover, who like us, doesn't take a liking to animal cruelty.

Is Chibi child appropriate?

Yes, it is. Chibi is the perfect present to make any child happy. It is a great and fun way to teach your kids about responsibilities.

Can I order a custom made product?

Currently, no. We might change this in the future. As we are constantly trying to improve for you it is highly possible that before long we will be able to provide that service as well.